A Strong Base is the Foundation to a Better Tomorrow

Road worx Inc.

is a civil contracting company specializing in full depth reclamation, soil stabilization/modification and grading for owners, engineers, contractors and developers.

Our Services


Road Worx, Inc. are experts in full-depth reclamation (FDR). FDR is a long-term, cost-effective, and environmentally conscience method of rebuilding worn-out roads and parking lots….

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Soil Cement

The strength and durability of soil cement, combined with its cost-efficiency and ease of construction, makes it our optimal choice for use as a base and subbase material….

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The long-term performance of any construction project depends on the soundness of the underlying soils. Road Worx, Inc. uses lime as an excellent soil stabilizer. It acts immediately and greatly improves soil properties….

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Treated Base

Need to create a strong base for projects with specified minimum durability and strength requirements? Call Road Worx, Inc….

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An inverted pavement is when the base layer is a high quality granular layer, and the subbase is a cement stabilized layer. The term “inverted” is used because the strength of the pavement does not decrease with pavement depth, because of the stiff cemented layer.

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Road Worx Inc. uses leading equipment and technology to ensure precise and efficient grading on any size site….

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I had never had the opportunity to use Full Depth Reclamation before, but when Road Worx worked on one of our airports, I was sold on the application and them! Their team produced a quality product, reduced project costs along with reduced down time and disruption to the airport and it’s users.
– Ron Fitzgerald Goodwyn|Mills|Cawood